About Us

Murphy's Deli first opened to the public in 1993, the company first location was on Murphy Road in the city of Stafford, Texas a suburb of Houston. The combination of quality, affordable food served in a pleasant atmosphere propelled the fledgling deli into a premier position in the highly competitive Houston Market. Under the innovative direction of owners Laura Watts, and Hassan Houmani, Murphys Deli grew at a rapid rate.

The principal problems that Laura and Hassan saw with existing franchises were the limited menus and same old concepts. Clearly, the old concepts that worked in the 70s and 80s would not be as successful in the 90s and beyond. The Murphy's Deli concept concentrates on a flexible, unique menu, utilizing an interior layout that would be able to function equally well in different environments such as office buildings, airports, malls, stand-alone buildings and strip centers.

What was to become the Murphy's Deli concept was an immediate success, and one that can be easly duplicated. The first site, on Murphy Road, where our name originated, is still operating as a Murphy's Deli today. Its the dynamic duos firsthand knowledge of the fundamentals of our industry, and unbridled enthusiasm, that makes our company so great!


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